Our main routes are Germany-Hungary, Germany, Italy, Germany, France, England and France, but
we are continuously have a present in all countries of the European Union. Our company places
great emphasis on the satisfaction of our customers and therefore we employ only qualified,
experienced workforce.

Our freight controllers speak several languages. In order to achieve timely delivery of goods, we
made significant improvements. Our fleet have expanded with several new vehicles, including
Euro 6 engines IVECO STRALE HI-WAY towtrack. We use the GPS system, that can be accessed
from anywhere, via the internet, using a password. Permanent partners are provided access to the
system, so that they can follow the path of their goods. All of our freight has cargo insurance.

In the year 2013 we added a three-staged workshop hall, and now we are able to repaire our
own fleet, or servicing of third-party cars on a very high standards.


Our fleet

Our fleet consists of Iveco fleet from the Daily Iveco Stralis Hi-Way until 3tonnától 24 tons, of which a
significant portion of Euro 5 and Euro 6 environmental class vehicle. Amoung the semi-trailers from Schmitz
and the Krone found in our fleet.